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Who is Thierry Fouilleul?

Thierry Fouilleul is a former professional French BMX rider (Team GT WD40 Factory Europe, B-52 GT/Powerlite Team) and member of the French national BMX Racing team. He started his coaching career in 2006 after finishing his riding career. During his career he has been a personal coach and club / team coach in Italy and France (e.g. Cernay, Bergamo, Sarrians, now Le Luc).

  • 3x World Champion (e.g. Junior Men and Junior Men Cruiser)
  • 5x European Champion (e.g. Elite Men Cruiser and Junior Men)
  • 10x Champion of France (e.g. Elite Men, Elite Men Cruiser and Junior Men)
  • Personal coach of elite riders: Amidou Mir, Axelle Étienne, Marco Radaelli, Léo Garoyan.
  • Riders under his coaching have won a total of 13 World Championship titles.
  • He holds the highest coaching class of the French Cycling Federation (FFC).

Focus of the training

  • Starting technique - movement and position of the body and bike when crossing the falling gate, following pedaling.
  • Development of technical skills on the track when performing jumps, manuals, etc.
  • Technique of cornering when riding offensively (preparing for overtaking and passing) and defensively (protecting your position).
  • Development of physical abilities - a combination of explosiveness and endurance, body range of motion and motor skills.
  • Comprehensive rider preparation for the 2024 racing season.
  • The camp is for male and female riders over 13 years of age.

BMX tracks and Accommodation

  • The training sessions will take place mainly on the BMX track in Le Luc en Provence, which belongs to the Race School Compagnie club. The track has a clay surface, asphalt turns and the starting hill is asphalt. The starting equipment is from ProStart.
  • Selected training sessions will also take place on other BMX tracks in the vicinity of Le Luc en Provence.
  • Accommodation is available in the nearby year-round camp, which is about 4 km from the BMX track (Camping Les Bruyeres). Also on Airbnb.com and Booking.com you can find a wide range of accommodation around Le Luc en Provence at very reasonable prices.

Training Camp price

Camp price per rider: € 300,-

What is included in the price?

  • 10 training sessions of 2 hours duration (2 training sessions per day, 20 hours of training in total).
  • Rent a track in Le Luc en Provence including track facilities.
  • Rental of the surrounding tracks where some training sessions will be held.
  • Drinking regime and snacks during training sessions.
  • Training sessions will be conducted in Czech, English and French.
  • Gift for every participant of the camp.


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